B2b sign manufacturer For Sale

Business Overview

This is a business to business and business to local government sign designer and manufacturer. Established in 2002, the business they have established is based largely on repeat clients and referrals.

The company is run by a husband and wife team. The husband spends most of his day running the CNC Router. The wife is in the design and client liaison side of the business. You will see in the seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) calculations that we have subtracted out $50,000 from the owner’s salary so a new owner can hire a CNC Router. There are five other employees, (See Org Chart).

Revenue has been consistent over the past five years. You will notice a spike in sales for 2022 yet the SDE is consistent with 2023. Ownership has noted that certain types of jobs while creating more revenue have thinner margins. There was an influx of this work from an existing client in 2022 causing a jump in revenue yet barely affecting profitability. Over the past three years the average SDE was around $400,000.

It is the opinion of ownership that their client base is extremely loyal. They have not had to spend much money on marketing including social media. Their customer base consists of local county parks departments, general contractors, universities, and a variety of commercial clients. About 60% of their work is for exterior signage and 40% for interior.

Manufacturing and offices are out of the 5300 SF building owned by the sellers. They anticipate keeping the building and leasing it back to the new owners. The rent will be comparable to the rent they pay themselves already reflected on the books.

The owners are ready to retire. However, they will be available for a transition period for up to one year. They are anxious to share their knowledge with a new owner. It is their belief that this market is healthy and scalable and that a new owner coming in will have solid footing and a platform to grow the business.

Contact: J Snypp, BCBB 404.966.5989


Matt Wochele, CBI, BCBB 404.863.2200


Asking price $1,500,000

Manufacturer/Distributor: SOLD

A wholesale manufacturer and distributor of high end exterior wood products with extraordinary woodworking proficiencies. They are located northwest of Atlanta. Established in 1989 they have a national customer base made up of lumberyards, building supply companies, national parks and historical societies.
There are 10 full time employees with tenure ranging from 8 to 30 years. They operate out of a 16,000 SF facility. Their equipment is state of the art and recently was appraised at $585,000. In 2021 and 2022 revenue was $1,575,000 and $1,650,000 respectively, with the seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) averaging $362,000. For the first 4 months of 2023 revenue is tracking $1,750,000 with SDE tracking closer to $450,000. We are asking $1,700,000 which includes inventory. Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI #404-863-2200

Manufacturer/Fabricator Building Products:

This business was established in 2013. They are primarily a business to business designer, manufacturer, installer and fabricator on a large scale of stone countertops and cabinets. The are now positioned to offer flooring options as well. Their customer base ranges from investor groups building or renovating 100s of units at a time to builders, homeowners and contractors. Revenue in 2018 was $10.5MM, 2019 $ 12MM and in 2020 sales hit $14.2MM. In 2021 revenue came in at $18.9M(accrual) with seller discretionary earnings (SDE) in the $2.7MM range. Trailing twelve months (TTM) through July 2022 revenue topped $22MM with a (TTM) net income above $2.8MM. They have locations in Atlanta, Florida and Tennessee. We are asking $13MM for the business.

furniture manufacturer: SOLD

Established in 1991 as a restaurant furniture manufacturer. They operate out of a 80,000 SF facility in metro Atlanta. The company’s original owner is ready to retire. The reputation of the company is well established. The jobs come in from various reps and dealers throughout the country. Revenue in 2018 was $2.4M, in 2019 it came in at $2.7M. In 2020 with restaurants dealing with the pandemic revenue was $1.5M. Now that operations are getting back to normal revenue for the first 5 months of 2021 is $1.3M. The seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) are consistent except for 2020. The estimated SDE for 2021 is $600,000. We are asking $1,900,000. Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI 404-863-2200 or J Snypp 404-966-5989. Status: for Sale.

Metal Fabricator SOLD

Established in 2010 to help satisfy the high demand for structural metal fabrication. The company’s growth is a testament to the high quality and dependability that clients have come to expect. Revenue has grown from $770,000 in 2017 to $992,000 in 2018 and to over $1,330,000 in 2019. Q1 of 2020 is outpacing Q1 2019. The owner and I full time employee handle the current volume. It is the owner’s opinion that it is time to add another employee as the revenue continues to grow.
The seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) for 2019 were $320,000. There is approximately $250,000 to $300,000 in equipment value. The owner outsources the back office work such as estimating and detailing. This has led to great dependability and consistency along with efficiencies making them very competitive in their space. The owner is at the time in his life where he is ready to retire. We are asking $930,000. SOLD