Electrical Contractor: Special niche commercial work.

Established in the late 1990s. The original owners saw the need for a reliable team of special niche project electricians. The owners went on to build relationships with Fortune 100 companies and began winning work. Fast forward a number of years when they sold their company to the current owner. At the time of the sale revenue was in the $1.3M range with seller discretionary earnings around $350,000 to $400,000.
Under the new owner’s leadership the business has reached another plateau. 2023 Rev hit $3.2M and SDE was over $900,000.
The reason for the sale is that the owner made an acquisition in 2021.  This new business requires a much different skill set. There is no competition between the businesses. Today the new acquisition is approaching $5M in revenue. The owner is focusing more time on this second business. He is also closing in on retirement over the next 3 or 4years. It is his intention to start his exit plan with this sale.
Currently, the business is only operating in Georgia. There is opportunity to grow beyond the state if desired.

B2b sign manufacturer For Sale

Business Overview

This is a business to business and business to local government sign designer and manufacturer. Established in 2002, the business they have established is based largely on repeat clients and referrals.

The company is run by a husband and wife team. The husband spends most of his day running the CNC Router. The wife is in the design and client liaison side of the business. You will see in the seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) calculations that we have subtracted out $50,000 from the owner’s salary so a new owner can hire a CNC Router. There are five other employees, (See Org Chart).

Revenue has been consistent over the past five years. You will notice a spike in sales for 2022 yet the SDE is consistent with 2023. Ownership has noted that certain types of jobs while creating more revenue have thinner margins. There was an influx of this work from an existing client in 2022 causing a jump in revenue yet barely affecting profitability. Over the past three years the average SDE was around $400,000.

It is the opinion of ownership that their client base is extremely loyal. They have not had to spend much money on marketing including social media. Their customer base consists of local county parks departments, general contractors, universities, and a variety of commercial clients. About 60% of their work is for exterior signage and 40% for interior.

Manufacturing and offices are out of the 5300 SF building owned by the sellers. They anticipate keeping the building and leasing it back to the new owners. The rent will be comparable to the rent they pay themselves already reflected on the books.

The owners are ready to retire. However, they will be available for a transition period for up to one year. They are anxious to share their knowledge with a new owner. It is their belief that this market is healthy and scalable and that a new owner coming in will have solid footing and a platform to grow the business.

Contact: J Snypp, BCBB 404.966.5989


Matt Wochele, CBI, BCBB 404.863.2200


Asking price $1,500,000

Medicare Set-Asides Reporting Business For Sale

The firm has a long standing reputation for excellence in their field. Dating back to 1996 when their services were just being recognized as a must have in the world of worker’s comp claims that affect Medicare. They fill a crucial need with the services they provide in the management of compensation settlements when considering Medicare. It is no secret that wasteful spending is a concern of all citizens especially when it comes to Medicare. Taking the necessary steps to ensure Medicare’s interests are at the forefront of the decisions being made when settling such claims putting Manley & Associates squarely in line to be hired by defense attorneys, plaintiff attorneys and insurance companies when worker comp claims are being negotiated.

Management believes the future of the industry has never been brighter. With the present owner now ready to retire to other interests new ownership will have a proven model as a platform to scale the business to new heights. The need to protect and manage Medicare spending will certainly be on the minds of citizens and government officials for decades to come.

Asking Price: $3,600,000

Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI, BCBB


Corporate Team Building

Corporate team building is a top priority in todays work environment. With a fragmented workforce and companies and employees wrestling with back to the office mandates providing a collaborative team building event is essential to building employee loyalty. This business has been voted Best In Atlanta in 2021 and 2022. Revenue in 2021 was $800,000 with the seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) at $165,000 for an owner that lives out of state. A hands on owner would add in another $50,000 to bring the 2022 SDE to $215,000. For 2023 the SDE for a new hands on owner should be in the $250,000 range. Revenue is tracking $900,000 for 2023. There are 3 FT and 16 PT employees that run the daily operations. We are asking $580,000.

Manufacturer/Distributor: SOLD

A wholesale manufacturer and distributor of high end exterior wood products with extraordinary woodworking proficiencies. They are located northwest of Atlanta. Established in 1989 they have a national customer base made up of lumberyards, building supply companies, national parks and historical societies.
There are 10 full time employees with tenure ranging from 8 to 30 years. They operate out of a 16,000 SF facility. Their equipment is state of the art and recently was appraised at $585,000. In 2021 and 2022 revenue was $1,575,000 and $1,650,000 respectively, with the seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) averaging $362,000. For the first 4 months of 2023 revenue is tracking $1,750,000 with SDE tracking closer to $450,000. We are asking $1,700,000 which includes inventory. Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI #404-863-2200

Recycling and Processing of Ferrous and non ferrous metals Revenue $8.5MM

Asking Price:$10,000,000 to $12,000,000

Cash Flow $1,200,000

Gross Revenue:$8,500,000




Real Estate:$700,000*


*included in asking price.

Business Description

Located in the southeast this metal recycling business is growing. Revenue in 2020 was $3.6MM, 2021 Revenue $7.1MM. For 2022 revenue came in at $8MM and 2023 $8.5MM est. The seller’s discretionary earnings for 2021 were in the $900,000 range and 2022 exceeded $1.1MM. They own the real estate which is part of the asking price, also included is $5MM in equipment with over 100 roll-off dumpsters.

We will provide more detailed information to serious inquiries.

Detailed Information

Inventory: Included in asking price. Real Estate: Included in asking priceBuilding SF:N/AFurniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E):Included in asking priceFacilities:Their facilities meet the environmental standards and are well suited for recycling metals. 20 acres.Competition:The business has experience a strong growth spurt which the management believes will be maintained. They brought in automobiles and currently process about 300 per month.Growth & Expansion:Thee is a good upside to this business. They currently have the capability to expand on their 20 acre facility and increase the number of automobiles they process. Also they are adding roll off dumpsters to their equipment list due to the high demand.Support & Training:As needed.Reason for Selling:Other business interests.

Bike Shop: SOLD

They have been in their current location for almost 30 years. One of the best locations in Atlanta for a sales and service bike shop. They have a solid staff and the owner will stay and transition with the buyer. The business is very consistent year in and year out. Their revenue is in the $600,000 plus range with the seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) averaging $175,000.
They service all bikes including electric bikes. The reputation of this owner and shop goes back to the mid 80s. A new owner will be coming into a thriving business in a thriving industry in one of the best areas in Atlanta for bicycle ownership.
We are asking $490,000 plus inventory. Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI C# 404-863-2200

Landscape Specialty Service: SOLD

This landscape specialty service business was established in 1997. The owner is ready to retire but will stay on if requested by purchaser to guide the new owner through the spring and fall seasons. Their sales mix is 85% residential and 15% commercial. Revenue in 2020 was $880,000 with the seller discretionary earnings (SDE) at $360,000. This year they are on track to hit over $1.4M in revenue. The SDE for 2021 is expected to top $500,000 They are not a maintenance or an install landscaper. They operate 10 months a year. They are closed in November and December. We are asking $1,100,000 for the business, equipment and vehicles. Status: For Sale. Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI #404-863-2200 or J Snypp #404-966-5989.

Home Health Care Company (SOLD)

Established and successful perennial award winning home health care company located in middle Georgia. The business was established in 2000. In 2015 new owners came in and modernized operations, updated benefits and subsequently obtained a provider number for Medicaid all of which contributed to the solid growth of the business. Revenue in 2018 was $1.2M in 2019 it grew to $1.367M. In the Covid challenged year of 2020 it held steady with revenue coming in at $1.28M even though business in the spring and early summer was affected by the shut downs. The fall of 2020 showed a robust spike and the revenue and growth has held steady at an average of $33,000 per week putting them on track for 2021 to hit $1.5 or $1.6M perhaps higher as the vaccine rolls out to more people. Industry feedback leans towards a windfall of new clients as families are now more likely to opt for at home care versus putting their family member in a facility. The seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) in the pre Covid year of 2019 came in at approximately $250,000. In 2020 with the shut down it came in at $170,000. The estimate (SDE) for 2021 based on growth which started in September of 2020 is expected to be in the $300,000 to $330,000 range. We are asking $1,050,000. Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI C# 404-863-2200 or J Snypp #404-966-5989.

Landscape Commercial Installation. Revenue $12,000,000. (SOLD)

Commercial landscape installation company. Established in 2005. The company has built a solid reputation over the years which is evident in their year over year growth. Revenue in 2018 was $10.6MM, 2019 $11.8MM and for YTD September 2020 revenue is already at $11MM. We estimated the owner’s discretionary earnings (ODE) for 2019 at $1,220,000 and tracking well over $1.7MM so far in 2020. The company has strong management in place with an experience team of employees. There are 32 employees. They also use certain sub contractors for hardscape projects who work almost exclusively with the company. A buyer needs to be aware there is $3MM in A/R give or take outstanding at any given time. We are asking $3.9MM plus inventory. This does not include A/R or cash on hand. Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI C$# 404-863-2200 or J Snypp 404-966-5989. Status: For Sale