Manufacturer and Distributor, B2B

This business was established in 2013. They are primarily a business to business designer, manufacturer and distributor on a large scale of stone countertops and cabinets, Revenue in 2018 was $10.5M, 2019 $ 12M and in 2020 sales hit $14.2M. For the nine months ending September 30, 2021 revenue was $13.2M and the seller discretionary earnings (SDE) were $2.2M. It is estimated that for 2021 revenue will come in between $18M and $20M and the SDE between $2.8M and $3.0M. They have locations in Atlanta, Florida and Tennessee. Receivables run about $3.5M. We are asking $8M for the business not including receivables or inventory which is about $700K to $900K. Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI 404-863-2200 or J Snypp 404-966-5989. Status: For Sale