Medical Service Business/Intraoperative Monitoring – Established in 2005-SOLD

Medical Service Business/Intraoperative Monitoring

This business was established in 2005 as an intraoperative monitoring (IOM) company headquartered in Atlanta GA providing rapid, accurate and reliable surgical monitoring support. IOM provides instant and early feedback to doctors during surgery such as excessive retraction of anatomic structures and interruption of cerebral brain stem, spinal cord or peripheral blood flow to name a few. This service benefits surgeons and hospitals from a risk management perspective. It benefits patients by preventing unnecessary invasiveness and compression which can cause irreversible damage which might not be detected until the recovery period.

Since inception the company has enjoyed year over year growth bringing 2013 revenue to $1,250,000 and owner s discretionary earnings (ODE) to $750,000. This year 2014 revenue is expected to exceed $2,200,000 with ODE coming in above $1,100,000. Based on new contracts with both hospitals and surgeons and the addition of new techs it is anticipated that 2014 will finish at least 60% to 80% higher than 2013. It is the opinion of ownership that revenue will exceed $2.2 million and ODE to be between $1,000,000 and $1,150,000.

The asking price is $3,800,000 for the assets of the company. The owner strongly believes that the growth potential of the company is exponential. The owner is willing to work with and for the new owner for a period of time necessary to fully exploit the contracts, connections, brand name and reputation that the company has developed over the past eight years.

Contact J. Snypp #404-966-5989 or Matt Wochele, CBI #404-863-2200.
Status: Sold.