Electrical Contractor/commercial. High net margin-SOLD

Established in 1998 this company has built a solid reputation in the commercial electrical contracting industry. They are an approved vendor for some of the larger corporations such as Publx and Kroger to name just a couple. The company specializes in renovation work. In 2016 their revenue came in at $1,200,000 and this year they are on pace to top $1,350,000. The owner’s discretionary earnings in 2016 were close to $500,000 with 2017 expected to be in the $575,000 to $600,000 range. The company is positioned well for the new owner. There are 12 employees with the top people trained to bid and price jobs. The opportunity to grow and bid more work is only a question of hiring and training new employees. The owner has slowed down the past couple of years as he prepares for retirement. He believes he can help guide new ownership to substantially grow the company if they choose to. The owner will be moving out of state to fully retire once the transition period is complete. We are asking $1,350,000 this includes about $80,000 in inventory. Contavt: Matt Wochele, CBI C# 404-863-2200 or J Snypp C# 404966-5989. Staus: SOLD

20 Yr Established Medical Practice – SOLD

This is s 20-year established internal medicine practice on the south side of metro Atlanta in the Peachtree City Area. Gross collections generated by the owner/practitioner and one part-time physician are approximately $800,000 per year. Net to the owner is $240,000 from business plus the practice pays him $120,000 a year in rent. The facility is a first class 5000 sq. ft. building with 8 examining rooms. The property is available for sale and the debt service should be less than the present lease cost. Asking: Business $775,000 Real Estate $1,300,000 Contact: Matt Wochele 770-551-8208 Sold

Manufacturing: Metro Atlanta

Metro Atlanta on the NW side of town. 16 year old 80% residential and 20% commercial cabinet and furniture manufacturer. They are considered a high end producer of cabinets and woodworking products. They own the two buildings totaling approximately 30,000 SF where they house 16 employees. Revenue has been consistent in the $1.2M range with owner’s discretionary earnings about $300K. This year 2015 is tracking over $2M in revenue and discretionary earnings should be at the $450K to $500K level. The company has expanded to handle the demand as well as brought on new products which has open a new market for them. It is estimated the real estate value based on previous appraisals should come in around $1.8 or $1.9M. We are asking a total of $3.5M for both the business and the real estate. With an discretionary earnings in the $450K range the multiple for the business is approximately 3.75 times the DE. Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI # 404-863-2200 or J Snypp # 404-966-5989

Home Based Wholesale/Retail-SOLD

This is a home based business. However, in addition to selling online they attend between 12 and 15 indoor festivals a year to sell retail and wholesale.  Established in 2001. The owner must sell for health reasons. The owner will help transition the business and attend shows with the new owner until the new owner is comfortable.

The business sells children’s clothing and home accessories such as tea towels. All designs are original. Unlike other artists that reproduce their designs on canvas or paper, we reproduce ours on fabric. Our designs are machine washable and colorfast, and come with care instructions.

They have established a brand name over these past 15 years. Their business model is time tested and successful. A new owner can increase sales in numerous ways. We are asking $160,000 for the business which includes $85,000 in inventory raw and finished along with $80,000 worth of equipment and artistic transfers. The owner’s discretionary earnings are in the $75,000 range. Status: SOLD. Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI #404-863-2200 or J Snypp #404-966-5989

Development and Construction Company (TDC)

This development and construction company (TDC) is a $13mm niche home building firm located in Atlanta, GA.  The company builds homes both speculatively and for custom clients, with an average price point of $1mm.  The company has traditionally focused on providing houses at the top end of the local markets that it serves.  To justify its position at the top price point of each market, TDC meticulously plans each home, focusing on livability, high-end finishes, and a “wow” factor.  The result of this focus is a growing brand that is associated with quality and aesthetic beauty.  The company’s slogan is “structural integrity, premium finishes.”  The brand is, at this point, well established in certain neighborhoods of what is considered Atlanta “in-town” living. TDC is starting to gain more brand awareness as it expands into other Atlanta neighborhoods where demand for their price point and quality is strong.

While TDC has just 4 full-time employees (3 of which are considered executives), the company has developed strong relationships with over 100 professionals, vendors, and subcontractors, and leverages those relationships to build a better home in a shorter time frame than its local competitors.  

CEO.  Manages the company’s land acquisitions, budgets, cash flow, and establishes the strategic priorities for the company.

  • Director of Construction.  Is a project manager and also manages subcontractor and vendor relationships.  Will oversee a new project manager beginning in January, and is currently implementing a new construction management software.  
  • COO.  Manages municipality relationships, including TDC’s permitting, variance, and re-zoning efforts.  She also works closely with the company’s third-party architects, land planners, and designers to ensure that TDC’s homes meet the market’s demands.

TDC believes that now is the time for it to grow its brand into new sub-markets.  In 2015, the company is projected to close 14 homes, 11 of which are in one area of Metro Atlanta.  It sees future growth occurring through two different avenues:

Scattered lots.  The majority of TDC’s homes are now built on scattered lots throughout in-town Atlanta.  TDC wants to take the scattered lot model to more quality neighborhoods whose demographics support its higher-end homes.  TDC sees the “scattered lot” division operating separately from its other division, with a focus on continuing to develop relationships with the leading “in-town” real estate agents.  The company also strives to be the company that individuals call when they have personal property to sell.  TDC is adept at working with the various cities, counties, and neighbors to turn challenging lots into successful home builds.

Neighborhoods.  In metro Atlanta, there are still numerous opportunities to build neighborhoods.  TDC hopes to break into this type of development in well-located areas.  While the focus will continue to be “in-town” neighborhoods with a walkability element, TDC realizes that the land acquisition efforts will be more easily achieved in the more suburban markets.  While open to building in suburban Atlanta, the company will maintain a focus on those areas with highly desirable school districts, and, preferably, a walkability factor.

In order to continue its strong brand and revenue growth, TDC believes that it will need to invest heavily in several areas.  Investment will need to come in three primary areas:

Land.  The most obvious way to achieve revenue and brand growth is to have branded homes being built in many different areas of metro-Atlanta.  This is also the most capital-intensive of the investment areas.

Human Capital.  TDC has established a scalable business model, but will need capital to hire the people with the ability to take the company to the next level.  Immediate needs include an estimator, a controller, and more project managers.

Marketing.  To this point, TDC has done almost no advertising other than the organic advertising that comes from the homes it builds and the customers it serves.

TDC believes that it has the core business model, brand basics, relationships, and leadership in place to take it to the next level.  It also believes that a partner with a stronger balance sheet and perhaps some experience with larger home building firms would greatly enhance the growth process, and is thus seeking out that partner.  TDC is flexible to various ownership structures if it can find a synergistic relationship with another firm or individual.

Hair Extension Sales Business – Experienced tremendous growth.-SOLD

Hair Extension Sales Business – This 5 year old hair extension sales and import company has experienced tremendous growth.

Revenue has grown from $211,000 in 2011 to over $15,000,000 in 2015. They did reach $19,000,000 in 2014 but experienced a drop in revenue in 2015 because of quality control issues when they added a second manufacturer. This issue has been corrected. They import human hair from China for processing and sale in two retail locations and also through their website. The hair is processed in their warehouse in Atlanta where a special procedure adds to the quality and longevity of the piece. The founder and owner realizes that this business needs a more experienced leader to take it to the next level of growth and efficiency. Their net profit margin is between 12 and 14%. However, in reviewing their numbers it appears there is much room for improvement.

The ownership is lacking the professional business management skills and experience needed to properly run a company of this size. While he built a good model and a strong brand name to reach $19,000,000 in revenue in 2014 he understands to continue to grow the company needs the right guidance. The owner is willing to stay on and work with the new ownership for a period of time. He is open to part of the purchase price being in the form of an earnout.

We are asking $3,500,000 about 2Xs his owner discretionary earnings.

Contact J. Snypp #404-966-5989 or Matt Wochele, CBI #404-863-2200.
Status: Sold.

Assisted Living / Memory Care Facility – One hour outside of Atlanta

Assisted Living / Memory Care Facility: One hour outside of Atlanta in a central location to well populated markets.

This home was established in 1996. It sits on multiple acreage and is currently licensed for 24. Ownership has put in excess of $100,000 in the past few months to complete the requirements to increase the license to 36. LICENSE HAS BEEN APPROVED FOR 36. Revenue in 2014 was close to$600,000 with the owner’s discretionary earnings at about $140,000 averaging about 20 residents a month. They presently have 30 residents and anticipated both sales and earning to increase significantly in 2015. They expect revenue to hit $720,000 with owner’s discretionary earnings at around $230,000. Asking $1,795,000 including business and real estate.

Contact J. Snypp #404-966-5989 or Matt Wochele, CBI #404-863-2200.
Status: Sold.

Assisted Living / Personal Care Home – Metro Atlanta

Assisted Living / Personal Care Home: New listing on an established home in metro Atlanta.

Licensed for 42 state and 36 county and just received zoning approval to add an additional six rooms. Revenue in 2013 was $775,000 and $765,000 in 2014 with owner’s discretionary earnings averaging $260,000. Projections for 2015 exceed $260,000 for owner’s discretionary earnings. Asking $2,400,000 for business and real estate.

Contact J. Snypp #404-966-5989 or Matt Wochele, CBI #404-863-2200.
Status: Sold.