Landscape Commercial Installation. Revenue $12,000,000.

Commercial landscape installation company. Established in 2005. The company has built a solid reputation over the years which is evident in their year over year growth. Revenue in 2018 was $10.6MM, 2019 $11.8MM and for YTD September 2020 revenue is already at $11MM. We estimated the owner’s discretionary earnings (ODE) for 2019 at $1,220,000 and tracking well over $1.7MM so far in 2020. The company has strong management in place with an experience team of employees. There are 32 employees. They also use certain sub contractors for hardscape projects who work almost exclusively with the company. A buyer needs to be aware there is $3MM in A/R give or take outstanding at any given time. We are asking $3.9MM plus inventory. This does not include A/R or cash on hand. Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI C$# 404-863-2200 or J Snypp 404-966-5989. Status: For Sale

Salon/Med Spa . Revenue $1,600,000. Under Contract.

There are few if any salons in this class. Established in 2008 this award winning salon and med spa boast a national ranking. Revenue has grown from $1.2M in fiscal 2018 to $1.4M in fiscal 2019 to $1.6 M in fiscal 2020 which ended March 31, 2020. Most of their revenue comes from the salon side of the business. There is plenty of room to grow both sides of the business. Their FFE is top in the industry. There are 27 employees. The owner works a few hours a week overseeing the big picture. They are well staffed with an experienced director in place. The owner’s discretionary earnings is in the $250,000 range. We are asking $695,000. Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI 404-863-2200 or J Snypp 404-966-5989. Status: For Sale

Dental Practice, New price

This single dentist practice was established in 1992. There is a front desk billing employee and a hygienist on staff. The dentist is ready to retire. There are approximately 3000 patients in the data base. The dentist works four 6 hour days a week. The billings are about $400,000 with collections at $260,000 and the owner’s discretionary earnings are about $110,000 for a 24 hour work week. There is an enormous upside if the new dentist wanted to do endodontics and other procedures. We are asking $185,000 for the practice. Contact Matt Wochele, CBI 404-863-2200, J Snypp 404-966-5889. Status: For Sale

Metal Fabricator

Established in 2010 to help satisfy the high demand for structural metal fabrication. The company’s growth is a testament to the high quality and dependability that clients have come to expect. Revenue has grown from $770,000 in 2017 to $992,000 in 2018 and to over $1,330,000 in 2019. Q1 of 2020 is outpacing Q1 2019. The owner and I full time employee handle the current volume. It is the owner’s opinion that it is time to add another employee as the revenue continues to grow.
The seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) for 2019 were $320,000. There is approximately $250,000 to $300,000 in equipment value. The owner outsources the back office work such as estimating and detailing. This has led to great dependability and consistency along with efficiencies making them very competitive in their space.The owner is at the time in his life where he is ready to retire. We are asking $930,000.

Landscape maintenance residential

Established for 20 years in the north Fulton area. Very tight service route. There are 2 crews. They work an average of 4 days a week. The sale comes with approximately $40,000 to $50,000 of equipment including the trucks. The seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) are in the $65,000 range. The revenue has been consistent in the $325,000 range. The owner does not work in the field. The owner’s hours per week are less than 20. The owner’s main responsibility is management. Maintenance accounts for 95% of the revenue. We are asking $169,000 for the business including the equipment. Status: For Sale. Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI #404-863-2200

Child Care Center for Sale

Located in Dekalb county. They are licensed for 186 and typically have between 140 and 150 children a day. Revenue is close to $900,000 with the sellers’ discretionary earnings before debt service close to $275,000. They have multiple state programs and grants in place. We are offering the business and property for $1,695,000. Contact J Snypp # 404-966-5989 or Matt Wochele, CBI #404-863-2200.Status: For Sale.

Counter top and Cabinet Sales. SOLD

This showroom/sales center works with designers, builders and end users of hard surface counter tops and cabinets. They are well staffed with knowledgeable and experienced employees. 85% of their sales come from referrals. Revenue in 2017 was $1,441,000 in 2018 revenue topped $1,650,000 and this year 2019 is expected to come in above $1,750,000. The owner’s discretionary earnings for 2018 was $300,000 and 2019 is tracking $350,000. They do not install. They represent multiple distributors and manufacturers in their product line and consequently have little cost tied up in inventory. We are asking $975,000 for the business. Status: For Sale. Contact Matt Wochele, CB C# 404-863-2200 or J Snypp 404-966-5989

Salon and Day Spa: SOLD

Established in the early 2000s this luxury day spa and salon has over 39,000 clients listed in their system. They have been voted number 1 in their area for 10 years running. They are located just outside of metro Atlanta. Revenue has ebbed and flowed between $1.3M and $1.5M over the past five years. The staff is second to none. The owner depends on a director (salary $58,000/yr) and loyal experienced providers and employees that keep this business in the highest regard when it comes to client services. The owner has been mostly absentee for two years as she has moved out of town. The seller’s discretionary earnings (SDE) for a new owner range between $230,000 for an absentee owner to close to $300,000 for a hands on owner. We are asking $735,000 plus Real estate, ($1,380,000) excluding inventory. Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI 404-863-2200 or J Snypp 404-966-5989 Status: Sold

Custom Frame shop and Gallery

Successful for over 45 years. The owner is retiring.

This company has been servicing the needs of Atlanta area artist, businesses, residences and interior design firms for multiple decades. They are able to accommodate virtually any style and any size art work with true custom framing. They handle every size job from one off frames to high volume commercial projects. Their staff of fully trained employees maintain the relationships and wish to stay with the business making this a truly turn-key opportunity. We are asking $225,000. Status: For Sale. Contact: J Snypp 404-966-5989 or Matt Wochele, CBI 404-863-2200.

Equipment Dealership. sales and Service.

One of the top equipment dealerships in the state. They represent X Mark, Echo, Honda, Bobcat Shindawa. Their clients consist of the state of Georgia and various counties as well as the trade and end users. Established in 2002 their reputation makes them the go to dealership. Revenue in 2018 came in at $2,900,000 with the owner’s discretionary earnings(ODE) topping $240,000. However, in 2019 they are tracking closer to $400,000 in ODE. They started selling and shipping on Amazon in 2019. It is anticipated that revenue this year will top $3.3M. We are asking $2,400,000 which includes the business, about $600,000 in inventory, and the real estate which is valued in the $700,000 range. Status: For Sale. Contact: Matt Wochele, CBI C# 404-863-2200 or J Snypp C# 404-966-5989.